The New StealthSend Mobile Apps

Get the New StealthSend Mobile App!

We are excited to announce the availability of our brand new StealthSend Mobile App, the official mobile wallet for the Stealth blockchain, supporting its cryptocurrency, XST. Available for iOS and Android, StealthSend is a fast, reliable and secure simplified payment verification (SPV) light wallet.

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User-friendliness and security

The StealthSend Mobile App is a full featured hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet. As such, it supports multiple related accounts that can be fully restored by simply entering the user’s secret passphrase. HD wallets protect privacy by never requiring the use of any single address more than once. Users can create an unlimited number of accounts and easily switch between all of them.

StealthSend has all of the latest and most effective security features. Unauthorized access to the app is protected by secure pin and biometric authentication. Private keys are securely and exclusively stored in the mobile device, giving users complete control over their funds – no banks, no custodians, no middlemen. StealthSend is a true non-custodial Stealth wallet. Users have exclusive access to their keys, and that means only the users have access to their funds.

StealthSend is the easiest to use cryptocurrency wallet available. Users can easily create a new XST wallet or import an existing wallet, allowing them to hold, send and receive XST within a few simple steps. No blockchain download is required, meaning users can install and start using XST within seconds. Users can manage contacts through a convenient built-in address book.


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Why we decided to develop mobile apps

We have created the StealthSend Mobile App to answer the growing popularity of XST. As cryptocurrency hits the mainstream, the typical cryptocurrency user does not want to go through the burden of setting up a so-called “full node” to manage his crypto funds, Instead, the vast majority of users want access to cryptocurrencies through their secure mobile devices. StealthSend requires no external data to use. That means users don’t need to download a blockchain or wait for their app to “synchronize” with the network, saving days of hassle.

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Where to get?

Users can download the StealthSend Mobile App through Apple’s App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. App Store support and Google Play support means that the StealthSend Mobile App has passed stringent usability and security reviews. To find the app, users only need to search for “StealthSend”.

Apple App Store Link

Google Play Link

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Whats next?

Although StealthSend is a full featured wallet app, we plan to add new features and improvements in the coming months, making StealthSend attractive to diverse users. Not only will they be able to hold, send, and receive XST instantly, the StealthSend team is working to add support for  BTC, ETH, and wrapped XST (wXST). wXST is a type of token that is backed 1-to-1 by XST, making XST available on decentralized exchanges (DXes) like Ethereum’s Uniswap and BSC’s PancakeSwap.

Other planned features are

  1. View all transactions from every one of the users accounts, in one place.
  2. Wipe all the app data from scratch without the need to delete and reinstall the app.
  3. Option to receive push notifications for timely information, including incoming transfers, news, and/or market changes.
  4. Ability to contact support inside the app.
  5. Option to enable automatic app updates.
  6. Integrated XST and general cryptocurrency news, without the need to go to a browser.
  7. The ability to import and export account labels, allowing users to change devices without losing information associated with any of their transactions.
  8. In-app purchases of XST, wXST, BTC, and ETH.

All changes and additions come with user interface updates. The StealthSend team doesn’t simply add features, we go the extra distance to ensure aesthetics, ease of use and user friendliness.

Stay tuned!

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The Stealth Team
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